Night Of The Living Dead Television VHS


Travel back to the days of watching movies on late-night TV with this zombie double feature, Night Of The Living Dead Television. This tape includes 2 movies, commercials, trailers and other living-dead lunacy. Complete the experience with not just one, but also two, reversible covers!

GARDEN OF THE DEAD: A group of prison inmates on a staterun correctional farm and their most important job is formaldehyde. On a state farm highs are hard to come by, so the inmates experiment with sniffing the formaldehyde and become so addicted and even bathe in the gases. This of course is not without its bizarre side effects. Finally, half crazy, a group of the inmates make a break for freedom and are pursued, tracked and killed. But as night draws near, we find that even though no longer belonging to the living, they cannot be considered among the dead.

CORPSE EATERES: Two young couples go to the lake for a weekend of fun and sun, eventually they get bored and look for kicks somewhere else. Torn between going to a “rock concert” or a cemetery on Friday the 13th they draw straws and end up in the cemetery. It starts raining and they duck into an open crypt for shelter. Once inside, suddenly one of the guys remembers his uncle used to hold black masses at home. He recounts the spell from memory and manages to wake the dead. Bloodthirsty zombies attack the group as the film builds to a surprise ending you won’t believe. Long thought lost this Canadian zombie flick is pure Canadian bacon

  • Bonus features include:

  • 2 feature films on a single tape.

  • Vintage TV commercials.

  • 2 reversible cover inserts.



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