Blood Creek Woodsman VHS package blood creek woodsman VHS

Blood Creek Woodsman VHS package

"Blood Creek Woodsman is a throwback to the 80s back-woods slasher and pulls no punches as it unapologetically dives headfirst into blood, gore and nudity. Viewer discretion advised!" - Blood Banquet Theatre.

Directed by Joe Sherlock, legendary SOV film pioneer. Blood Creek Woodsman features top-notch camerawork and direction, an exciting cast and a surprising twist you won't see coming!

is limited to only 25 units. Here's what you get...

      • Each tape is signed & numbered by director Joe Sherlock.
      • VHS in clamshell case with slipcover.
      • Slipcover stamped with blood-red foil.
      • Cobalt black VHS tape with retro labels.
      • Blood Creek Woodsman paper-craft figure.
      • 2" button.


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